03Feb 2014

Modern website design is an “ever-evolving” thing, but in practice, we see today how far it has come everywhere we look. Alongside technology, website design and development will always advance in direct proportion to the new moves of tech – and thus tools.   This goes the same from new paradigms on the ways in […]

26Jan 2014

  jQuery is an amazing technology in the web development business world today, it was originally called jSelect (was changed due to intellectual property rights), the name jSelect was indicative of the library’s power to select individual elements within the browser, or more technically the DOM (Document Object Model). The ability to select DOM elements, […]

21Jul 2013
What is a modern website in 2014?

A lot of businesses and enterprises in general neglect their website, either due to pure negligence or perhaps they think their customers enjoy the “old/classic” feel, and while that’s all well and good, there’s many things to take into account for every website owner in the year 2013.   1. Is your website easily manageable? […]

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