Communication Leaks: The Roof Is Leaking

How do you rectify cybernetic malaise in your workplace?

How does your company build cyber security void of threats?

One of the discouraging and demoralising stances in the business world is to know that communication may not end in the organization. It is tagged disloyalty. A situation where employees trade company’s activities mostly confidential information with an unauthorized person, this is quite dispiriting.

Communication leaks: This is the divulging of crucial and confidential information to the public.

So there was a communication breach, that your company will not have repeated. Company’s confidential files were found outside the authorize zone, you have dealt with the initial hassles. However, you want to ensure that your company does not experience such mind-boggling issues again.

What have you missed out in your cyber metric processes against information leaks? This article sheds light on cyber security tips your business can consider.

Employees know the hazard of information leaks and the consequences. So, knowing information leaks have happened must have mutilated most minds, aggravating the tension will totally be uncalled-for. Here the management should adroitly manage the situation less the adverse effects will breed anti-productivity.

“The atmosphere has become toxic, and that is not conducive to the work,” anonymous. (Reuters online)

The management has to know that it’s the precautionary process that has been breached and not all employees fall victims of this error. Creating unnecessary harsh ambience in the organization will be toxic to the work flow of the employees.

Managing Leaks without threats:

Do you have a documented policy in relation to communication leaks? If you don’t have it documented, then it is time you document a policy that deals with such issues and have all employees involved in the creation and compilation of such document. Sometimes, it’s necessary to consult an expert to work with your staff. However, having a policy in place, does not certify compliance of such policy. Management must ensure the following steps.

Policy is not innately imbibed in the wrong ambience:
Management must creates an ambience that breeds loyalty in the heart of employees. When this is done, employees will give what it takes to ensure that information is not wrongly disclosed. Not only will they imbibe the policy but they would censure anyone that negates it. The policy should be coherently integrated into daily processes so that defiance to the policy can be checkmate on time. Get employees excited about the cybernetic policy of the company.

Good for the goose:
If the cybernetic precautions have to work effectively in the organization, the policy has to be imbibed by the top management and the staff. Compliance is significant. Whatever rule that is good for the goose must be complied with by the gander. No one is exempted from complying with the rules.

Invasive metrics:
“the fear of getting caught in a leak investigation… is so acute that some officials will discuss issues only face-to-face rather than use phones, email, texts or other messaging applications,” anonymous.

Many companies decisive measures against communication leaks can be counter-productive. Some organizations have made it a policy that employees’ personal mobile devices are not officially allowed for usage. Therefore, they are either switched off or kept outside the premises. However, this might prove counter-productive, since it has been proven that employees work better on their personal devices than those officially given. However, this measure can be considered in an extreme case. Invasive measures ranges from digital software to monitoring device can be installed to prevent or rectify this malaise.

Sweep up and manage your domain:
It is essential that the organization investigate decoys and deal with them appropriately according to the terms and policy of the organization. By doing this everyone will be warned.

Training on cyber securities: merits & demerits
To effectively curb communication leaks several trainings need to be done, so as to effectively acquaint all employees about its merits and demerits. Staff must attend these trainings frequently to be well equipped to pick communication breach in a jiffy even among one another.

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