Fighting Piracy in the Digital Age

Pirates were once mostly men on ships who would travel around the seas and take over other ships, hoping to find treasures. Nowadays, this isn’t nearly as common and the word “pirate” has taken on a new meaning. Instead of the previous definition, it now includes anyone who uses the internet to download content they do no legally own. This has become a commonplace crime many people take advantage of.

How is Content Stolen?

Instead of gold being stolen from a ship, it’s digital content. Music, music, and books are commonly stolen online. They might be uploaded to file sharing websites where they can be freely downloaded by anyone or they might be sold by another person so that person can make money. There isn’t always a financial gain for piracy, but there is a financial loss for those who are impacted.

Who is Harmed Through the Theft?

It’s incredibly easy for a person to download content without thinking about who might be harmed in this. The reality is, anyone who worked on the production of the content can be harmed through the theft due to a lack of income from the stolen product. If a book is uploaded, the author is losing out on the money they would receive by selling the book. Additionally, depending on the book, it could contribute to a loss of revenue from the publisher, editor, illustrator, and more. It’s not just the “big guys” that are impacted, but even those who make just a little from the sale of each book.

How Can This be Stopped?

This can be stopped through DMCA takedown demands, but this isn’t easy to do. The person who is impacted will need to find the stolen content, determine who is hosting it, demand that it is taken down, and may need to file a lawsuit if it isn’t removed. All of this is complicated, but there are services that can help.

If you’re worried that content you have created has been stolen, contact Takedown Czar today. They’ll do the hard work to help put a stop to the piracy of your content and help you prevent further acts of digital piracy. Visit their website today to find out how they’re going to help you.

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