Simple Ways to Increase Security

Security in the workplace is essential to any business. Not only is it crucial to keep employees, customers, clients, or visitors safe, it helps to keep liability insurance premiums down. A basic security system can work for some businesses, but there are always simple ways to increase security on a daily basis. If employees utilize computers during working hours, make sure to have strong policies in place to prevent breaches of security. Training on how to recognize phishing or scam emails can avoid cyber attacks, viruses, and hacking. Using a public free wireless network should never be allowed when accessing company data because hacking is much easier than when using a secured or private network.

Another way is to use RFID cards for entrances and interior doors that require authorized access. Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) cards use a specific frequency to unlock doors. If an employee does not have the right card, access will be denied. That is ideal for night shift workers, pharmacy rooms in hospitals or care facilities, and chemical storage areas. Those cards can be customized and printed to indicate the business or display the logo. Identification badges are a bit less secure, but suit the needs of several businesses. Providing printed lanyards to prevent identification badges, security cards, and even keys from getting lost or stolen is a simple step that increases security and keeps replacement costs to a minimum.

Lanyards are cost-effective, available in a multitude of styles and colors, and keeps identification visible and handy for both staff and visitors. Fast turnaround times for processing orders makes adding lanyards to a dress code quick and convenient. The use of this item also increases branding recognition and business visibility. The company name and logo can be printed in full color for everyone to see. Businesses that have not yet decided on a logo can have one designed by professional graphic designers at no additional cost. Provide some general ideas, a brief description of the business, and wait for a proof to be emailed. Changes can be made until the logo meets with approval. Security is every employees’ responsibility so providing them with the tools to increase security is a win-win situation.

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