Online Thieves Stole Richard Simmon’s Data — Don’t Become Their Next Victim

When online thieves recently stole Richard Simmon’s data, they pulled off what has become a common crime these days. Internet access has opened up worlds beyond number for millions of users. Unfortunately, the ways are also open for cyber criminals, hackers, spies, and malicious actors who cause chaos and destruction of other people’s computer systems just for fun. This is why cybersecurity has become such a wide-ranging industry employing overlapping capabilities to carry out its mission to protect a client’s most important asset: his data.

IT service companies provide for their clients a secure private cloud. Within such virtual spaces can be stored all of a client’s data files and applications, accessible only by the client and the security operators. The advantages are fourfold: access flows only through a single gateway. This point of entry can be encrypted as the client requires. Continual security monitoring of all operations can be carried out. The facilities maintaining the servers themselves are protected by extensive external and internal security. In effect, the physical computing hardware is as well safeguarded as the gold in Fort Knox, guaranteeing the security of the virtual space as well.

Each such data center is rated a SSAE 16 Tier 3, Class 1 facility. They are located at multiple sites around the U.S. and worldwide, which prevents any attempt at physical intrusion. These centers are housed within buildings designed to withstand anything up to a Category 5 hurricane and have backup power capability in the event of a blackout. There is no danger of clients losing data or a minute of access, and their cloudspaces are kept in continual operation 24/7. In this way, business operations will not suffer even a second’s worth of interruption and neither will their cyber defenses. Only authorized personnel have access to any of these sites, and the client can specify which employees, devices or locations may have access to their cloudspace.

Security also includes full vetting and monitoring of all employees in the data centers to ensure none of them are compromised in any fashion. System monitoring tracks all computing performance, including anything which looks suspicious enough to be a disguised virus in operation. Combined with full antivirus and firewall protections, email encryption, and backup and disaster recovery in the worst event, any client can rest assured that his or her data is as safe as a newborn babe in the nursery.

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