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Modern Websites: Do You Have One?

A lot of businesses and enterprises in general neglect their website, either due to pure negligence or perhaps they think their customers enjoy the “old/classic” feel, and while that’s all well and good, there’s many things to take into account for every website owner in…

Understanding New Web Technologies for 2013

The Evolution of Web Development   Web design literally evolves every day. Technologies that are now integral to your experiencing the internet, were either sparsely used, testing, or just plain nonexistent just 2 years ago! When you log into your Facebook, you can let it…

3 tips to spruce your site up with CSS3

CSS3 is an ever evolving format to denote how we design the web. It can easily be considered the “legos” of the internet. You build blocks, ontop of other blocks, which contain text, forms, or any other certain thing you might want. The technology behind…